November 3, 2023

Embracing The Age Old Craft of Carpentry

Article By Oliver Courtier

In the fast-paced world of modern construction, where speed and efficiency take precedence, there are some, like us, that still find pride and satisfaction in sometimes, choosing traditional methods.

A carpenter with passion for his trade, will never tire of the feeling of using a hand plane, or the satisfaction you get from the precision of a chisel hitting the perfect mortice. The art of shaping timber with traditional saws, and ultimately creating something that is unique to your hand is how we learnt our trade, not by mass producing identical planks, or by our having our work defined by machine settings.

Traditional carpentry methods promote quality of craftsmanship over speed, where the journey of creation is as important as the finished product.

Beyond the satisfaction, there are practical benefits to working without machines. Traditional timber builds, constructed with care and attention to detail, result in structures that age more gracefully and require less maintenance over time. Handcrafted timber builds more seamlessly blend into their surroundings, are more durable than the efficient methods of machine cuts and adhesives, and are ultimately more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

At Weald we champion a blend of modern methods of efficiency with our bespoke handcrafted joinery and skills in traditional methods, to deliver projects that balance each other out and demonstrate our passion for wood, every time.