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We work with developers, main contractors and direct with clients on projects that require exceptional finishes, utilising our specialist carpentry skills and creativity. From timber frames and roof construction to joinery, oak framing and cladding.

Carpentry contracting with passion, attention to detail and a personal service.

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What makes us different?

We’ve been told a few times that the level of care and attention to detail we go to ‘isn’t necessary’. We dispute that. We refuse to work any other way. So, we won’t.

To us, we will only work to the highest quality we can. If you’re looking for a carpentry contractor who’ll ‘bash out’ a project, with short timescales being the key objective, you won’t find one here. We work efficiently, we keep to schedule, and maintain a superior quality in our work which is priced accordingly

If our perfectionist attitude and highest standards of quality are what you’re looking for.
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Cottington Road,
64 New Homes

RBLI Centenary Village,
Cedral Click Cladding

Melbourne Avenue,
55 New Homes

Coxhill Road,
13 New Homes

Amherst Farm,
New Build and Barn Conversion

Oast House,


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